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The mission of the Center for Cybersecurity Education is to promote the growth and quality of the nation’s information security workforce through higher education, information awareness campaigns, community outreach, professional development, and collaboration with academia, government and the private sector.

The College of Technology Center for Cybersecurity Education is dedicated to excellence in cybersecurity education. The Center offers a Bachelor of Science in Computer & Network Security and a Master of Science in Information Systems Technology with an Information Assurance track. Beyond the degree programs, the Center was established to further Information Awareness in the community, to foster development of cybersecurity education at partner higher education and K-12 institutions, and to work with government and private sector organizations to promote the growth and quality of the nation’s cyber security workforce.


Graduates of the College of Technology will distinguish themselves as cybersecurity professionals with superior ability, a commitment to continuous professional development, the highest ethical standards, and passion for the discipline.

The Center will be recognized as a true center of excellence in cybersecurity education through collaboration and partnerships with higher education, government, and private institutions and the local community.

Strategic Initiatives

  • cyber security competitions
  • professional development colloquiums
  • conferences
  • cybersecurity awareness outreach programs
  • sponsorship of student organizations
  • student research

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