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The Center for Cybersecurity Education includes two degree programs, the Bachelor of Science in Computer & Network Security (CNS) and the Master of Science in Information Systems Technology, Information Assurance Track (MSIST-IA).

The CNS degree was built from the ground up specifically for cybersecurity. The program focuses in two areas: protection and prosecution. The protection theme includes courses in principals and practices of information security, disaster recovery, operating systems, networks, firewalls, and other defense oriented subjects. The prosecution theme includes courses in computer forensics, supported by cyber law, electronic discovery, criminal evidence and procedures and other courses that support digital forensics in law enforcement, corporate, and intelligence fields.

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The MSIST program itself is geared towards management and leadership with respect to Information Technology. The Information Assurance track provides managers of Information Technology with the foundation necessary to lead an IT organization with an informed security focus.

  1. Overview of MSIST
  2. Information Assurance Track